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Restore& provides Facial Aesthetic Treatments by experienced GP.

Dr Thomas is trained in providing antiwrinkle treatments for crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines and dermal fillers. Dr Thomas also treats excessive underarm sweating- hyperhidrosis.

Restore& aim to provide a personal and confidential service. We only use trusted products which have a long background of research development and safety, We offer

  1. free consultations
  2. time to reflect and consider whether treatment is for you
  3. free top up of toxin at 2 week review
  4. happy customers

    Please call 07864318330 to make an appointment

    Introducing VI PEEL - Medical grade peels for treating:

    1. acne /acne scarring
    2. skin hyperpigmentation
    3. anti-ageing
    4. facial lines and wrinkles

    vi peels